Script Consulting and Development
For theatre, TV and film

I've worked as a new play director and dramaturg for over 10 years; supporting, cultivating and championing new work. I've worked in literary offices in New York and regularly serve as a reader for theatres and competitions around the country. I consult with writers of diverse backgrounds and levels of experiences and develop scripts, pilots and screenplays in a wide variety of genres, forms and styles. I work with the writer to develop their work towards the story they want to tell.

A consultation with me can include:

  • A discussion and detailed note session about the work and the writer's goals.
  • Dramaturgical engagement with an early idea or draft.
  • A list of possible submission opportunity for the writer and their work.
  • Draft polishing for submissions.

Contact me for more information and rates.

"I've had Hannah's eye on several projects, and every single time I get notes from her I marvel at her precise and kind eye. In both the rehearsal room and one-on-one sessions, she has a knack for analyzing status that's penetrating and clarifying. Working on readings, she's come in with casting proposals that have helped me understand my own characters better; in notes sessions, she searches for the beautiful question instead of pushing for answers."
-Paz Pardo

"Hannah is incredibly insightful, with a real eye toward nuance. She has the knack for asking just the right question to crack open a character, scene, or theme, and the sensitivity to recognize when you need a little bit of space to reconsider your ideas. What has impressed me most is the wide range of writers and scripts that seem to fit in her "wheelhouse" -- she has a wide-ranging curiosity that is reflected in her work."
-Jenny Connell Davis

"Hannah’s wonderful eye has helped me hone a number of plays. She's an avid dramaturg and deeply understands inclusive storytelling."
-Lydia Blaisdell

"Hannah is a director and dramaturg with a knack for spotting playable, active scenes in a script. While reading, she thinks deeply about the intentions of characters and the internal logic of a play, making sure the audience always has multiple windows into the story. She is thoughtful, diligent, honest and gives the writer an essential director's eye at all stages of their process."
-William Glick