Intimacy Choreography
For live and screen performances

An intimacy choreographer works very similarly to a fight choreographer, creating moments of intimacy in performance. I work with the director, actors and playwright to create intimate moments that the script and characters require. I'm an advocate for the actors physical and emotional safety throughout the process and keep lines of communication open between collaborators.

My goals in this work include:

  • Serving the play and the vision in a safe environment so that the intimacy is always in service of the story.
  • Providing guidelines for open communication around sensitive subjects for the collaborators.
  • Establishing a consent giving practice for actors.
  • Choreographing the intimate moment with specific and repeatable blocking.
  • Establishing warm up and warm down ritual for all performers and participants to maintain self-care throughout the rehearsals and performances.

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"I cannot imagine our rehearsal process for Milton, MI without the services of Hannah Wolf. Our production contained multiple intimacy scenes--one between three characters--and featured both professional and undergraduate performers. Hannah worked with the actors to first identify what they were comfortable doing on stage physically, then laying out a clear rehearsal process that prioritized communication and consent. Based on our conversations about the script, Hannah worked with the performers to craft blocking that told a highly specific story while operating within the comfort levels dictated by the performers. Her work yielded compelling moments of intimacy onstage and trust backstage among the performers."
-Adam Sussman, Director

"Hannah creates a safe working environment where open communication creates a strong trust between all the actors and creatives in the rehearsal room. I always felt supported in expressing my comfort level with different aspects of intimacy and with Hannah's guidance my cast mates and I were able to feel confident and comfortable with each other - even after Hannah was no longer in the room. From the smallest kiss to the most intense and intimate scenes, Hannah takes into account every actor's personal boundaries and choreographs each moment down to the smallest detail. Her preparedness brings out the best work in everyone. Her genuine concern for the well being of the actors creates an environment where actors are free to focus on the craft - rather than be inhibited by any anxieties or fears regarding staged intimacy."
-Sophia Quiroga, Actor